Ministry Team

Senior Minister: Kristan Slack

Kristan came to Alice Springs with his family to be Senior Minister in January 2021. He has previously served as Rector of Katherine and has ministered in Sydney, Mauritius and India. His greatest joy is in the Lord Jesus – the Rescuer we all need – and helping people take Jesus more seriously – whether insiders or outsiders to church.

Assistant Minister in Training: Topher Hallyburton

Topher and his family moved to Alice Springs to train in Anglican ministry with support from the Bush Church Aid Society.
He previously was the schools ministry coordinator with Scripture Union Northern Territory and has a background in Christian education.
He enjoys opening the Bible with anyone that wants to read it with him.

Honorary Associate Minister: Hiley Diweula

Hiley was ordained as a priest in Papua New Guinea and came to Australia as a Missionary with his wife Rita and their two daughters and worked as a house parent at St Mary’s.   He now works full time with disabled and mentally handicapped people through Lifestyle Solutions. In his ‘spare time’ he is involved in Christian ministry taking bread to the town camps in evenings during the week, offering prayer and praise to the Renal Hostel (next to the church) midweek, taking communion to the housebound after church on Sundays and visiting White Gates town camp for communion or evening prayer on Sundays, and is part of the Prison ministry team.